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Rug Repair & Restoration

At Al Sahara Rugs, we restore your most beloved rugs back to their original glory. It takes a lot of skill to recreate a rug and repair it, but we have employees with decades of experience. Our team of experienced professionals utilizes the highest quality materials and provides exceptional attention to detail to ensure your rug is repaired with the highest standard.
Man creating handmade rug


Over time, daily wear and tear can create holes and snags in the rug, causing it to lose its beauty and functionality. A skilled reweaver, however, can repair these damages and bring your rug back to life. Reweaving is a meticulous process in which the damaged fibers are removed and replaced with new ones, seamlessly blending in with the surrounding areas. Not only will the rug look like new, but it will also be stronger and more durable than before.

Fringe repair​

The fringe serves as a barrier for the rug’s edge, keeping it from unraveling. Therefore, by fixing any damage to the fringe, it also prevents the rug from losing its shape and becoming misshapen. With the help of a rug restoration expert from Al Sahara, you can breathe new life into your antique rug and enjoy its beauty for years to come.
Gold rug after fringe restoration
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