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Our blog page serves as a platform for us to share our passion and knowledge about handmade rugs—from the history and significance of our designs to the innovative techniques we utilize to create them. 

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multicolored, blue, beige, handmade rug

How Al Sahara Rugs Compare to Ruggable

Al Sahara’s rugs use higher quality material. We use wool and silk in all of our rugs. While polyester rugs may seem like a cheaper, more convenient option, opting for a silk or wool rug can make all the difference in the

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Bright red and yellow hand-knotted indian rug

Why Hand-Knotted Rugs Are Worth the Investment

Hand-knotted rugs have been an integral part of home decor for centuries. These beautiful pieces of textile art have a rich and fascinating history that spans continents and cultures. In fact, hand-knotted rugs can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where they

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